Construction FAQ

What is design build?

Design build is the process of having the same firm prepare the architectural drawings, work directly with engineers when required, and complete the construction through final inspection. There are several advantages to this approach. During the budget planning stage the design can be tailored to adhere to the allowable budget. During the construction phase of a project, small changes can be approved and dealt with more rapidly, making for a more efficient process.

How does the process work?

Our initial consultation is complimentary. During the initial consultation we will discuss preliminary design ideas and budget requirements for the project. The next step is to enter into a design agreement, where we begin architectural drawings and prepare a detailed budget. We recommend you have ideas, pictures and a budget in mind. If necessary, know where your financing is going to come from.

What is value engineering?

Value engineering is the use of materials and methods to best suit the project and budget. We will guide you through the choice of materials, costs and advantages in creating your concept. We use a local engineering company who knows the building codes and complexities of construction. Construction FAQ